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Meet Royce: Royce was admitted to Dell Children’s on Christmas Day; when at 3 months old, just 4 weeks after his CHD diagnosis, he had gone into acute heart failure. His asymptomatic, mild mitral regurgitation had escalated to a very severe level after contracting the common cold and would need surgery as soon as possible. He received his first surgery on January 4, 2023 and experienced a pulmonary hemorrhage complication. He spent almost 7 weeks with the CCU. While he was there, he received a visit from the UT Men's Tennis Team. Click here to watch the story: UT Men's Tennis Team Meet with Patients at Dell Children's Medical Center




"We were so excited that one of our nurses shared Holly's Heart with us and that we were able to get two outfits for him! Having the outfits allowed us to dress him while leaving a place for all his lines to run through his clothes. No parent wants to see their baby in the hospital. Having medically adapted clothes gave us the opportunity to dress him again- giving just a small piece of normalcy back."
- Jayne, Royce's mom

MVPs: Most Valuable Patients


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